Sonoma Wine Country Whoop-De-Do

When we were invited to share in the surprise of celebrating a dear friend’s 60th birthday in Sonoma, California last Saturday night, we jumped on the opportunity to turn it into a Wine Country Whoop-De-Do and make a weekend trip out of it. We arrived by plane on Friday afternoon, grabbed our red convertible mustang rental car, and hit the road running (sort of) from Oakland towards Wine Country. After navigating Friday traffic, we made it to the beautiful fall foliage and the wineries as the sun was setting.

Oakland to Sonoma

Oakland to Sonoma

Friday night dinner was at Olive and Vine in Glen Ellen. The sign on the entrance door explained that the building was not earthquake proof and that we basically would be in peril while dining there. Since part of being an Empty Nester is living on the edge, we agreed that we would live dangerously and dive into dinner. It was delicious and we lived to tell the tale.

On Saturday, we took the convertible on a drive out to Bodega Bay, where we watched oyster shuckers at Hog Island, and dined on fresh local seafood at Nick’s Cove. The air was brisk and breezy, and we felt that crisp Northern California spirit as we drove back to Sonoma for the birthday party.

Shuckers at Hog Island Oyster

Shuckers at Hog Island Oyster, them…not me.

Hog Island Oyster

Hog Island Oyster..checking out the water

Hog Island

Chilly November Day At Hog Island Oyster

Hog Island Oysters

Hog Island Oysters

Nick's Cove Oysters

Nick’s Cove Oysters

Nick's Cove Salad

Nick’s Cove Salad

Lunch at Nick's Cove

Lunch at Nick’s Cove

Our friend was surprised, grateful, and over-joyed with his party. We danced to a rocking funk band, heard an original song written and performed by our friend’s daughter, and laughed and cried all in the same night. 60 isn’t so bad after all, and whoop-de-dos and wine only add to the adventure.


Napa Valley; Days of Wine & Autumn Leaves

Elton John, Sam Smith, And Me In The Woods

Days of Wine and Roses in New Zealand

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